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Audio: Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver Says Obama Committed "Blasphemy" by Using Lincoln's Bible

Mat Staver, the head of the Christian organization 'Liberty Counsel,' appeared yesterday on the 'Crosstalk' radio show where he told host Jim Schneider that President Obama had committed "blasphemy" when he swore on Lincoln's bible during his second inauguration on Monday (audio below), reports

Staver said: “To swear on Abraham Lincoln’s Bible during the inaugural address is just really blasphemy to do that. Lincoln stood for principles completely different than this President stood for.”

Staver did not give any examples on how Lincoln and Obama differed on principles.

Staver also claimed that President Obama is “the most immoral president that we’ve ever had in history” who is “pushing an immorality that is stunning.”

Staver called President Obama a “dictatorial president” who “does not like America” or the Constitution (audio below).


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