Audio: Cal Beisner of the Pro-Oil Cornwall Alliance Claims Global Warming Science is an "Insult to God"


Cal Beisner, of the pro-oil Cornwall Alliance, appeared on the American Family Association's 'Today's Issues' radio show today where he claimed it was "an insult to God" to believe in the science of global warming (audio below).

Beisner said: "The whole idea that [global warming] is going to cause catastrophic consequences, putting human civilization at risk…. that idea really rests on the notion that the earth is an extremely fragile place. And that doesn't fit well with the biblical teaching that the earth is the omniscient design, omnipotent creation of the God of the bible… It really is an insult to God."

Beisner, however, failed to quote one verse from the bible to back up his claim. 

He went on to make another unsupported claim that "raising CO2 in the atmosphere" [with man-made energy pollution] was actually a good thing and to not do this would somehow "starve plants," reports

Beisner said: "Raising CO2 in the atmosphere is actually a very good thing for the plants on the earth….. to say that we need cut back CO2 production is really to say that we need to starve plants."

Of Beisner's Cornwall Alliance, reported in 2010:

The Cornwall Alliance appears to be a creation of a group called the James Partnership, a nonprofit run by Chris Rogers and Peter Stein, according to documents filed with the Virginia State Corporation Commission. Rogers, who heads a media and public relations firm called CDR Communications, collaborates with longtime oil front group operative David Rothbard, the founder and President of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) and Jacques Villarreal, a lower level staffer at CFACT, for his James Partnership group. In the past, Rogers’ firm has worked for the Bush administration and for the secretive conservative planning group, the Council for National Policy.


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