Audio: Bishop Harry Jackson Warns Gays are Taking America Back to "Times of Hitler"

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During an appearance on the American Family Association’s radio program 'Nothing But Truth,' Bishop Harry Jackson claimed that gay activists have taking America back to the days of Nazi Germany (audio below).

Bishop Jackson, who claims demonic forces are behind the gay rights movement, said that gays and lesbians cannot reproduce they so try to recruit young people and “just like during the times of Hitler."

Bishop Jackson said: "They want to impose their will on the culture and if you cannot reproduce you may try to recruit, and what I mean by that is what is going on is an attempt to reshape, refashion the mind, hearts and desires of the next generation."

"Many Christians are sitting back and we aren’t speaking out, but the reality is just like during the times of Hitler we have people coming after one group after another group after another group, and folks are saying, well this doesn’t affect me I’ll let this slide, we have a problem that really we have a whole generation of people who want to affect not only their lives and choices but the choices of another generation."


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