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Audio: American Family Association Attacks Obama For Treating Different Religions Equally

American Family Association radio host and Christian Sandy Rios criticized President Obama on her radio show yesterday for saying that atheists and non-Christian religions have an “equal standing” with Christians in the U.S. (audio below), reports

Rios said: “He has said, 'We are a nation of atheists, and Christians and Hindus.' The list makes it equal even though we are still overwhelmingly a nation that identifies as Christian. When he lists all these denominations and atheists and Buddhists and Muslims it’s like we’re all equal, of equal proportion, and we are not.”

However, President Obama has never said all religions were of equal proportion, number-wise.

Rios' guest right-wing historian Bill Federer agreed and said it was part of Obama’s “intentional denigration of the contributions of Judeo-Christian faith in America’s history” and  then claimed that “Obama’s been using the bully pulpit to advance Islam,” but failed to offer any specific examples.


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