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Atlanta Church Forces Cancer Patient, Others Out Of Apartments (Video)

Ehsam Beroukhim, who has cancer, and many other people were forced to move out of their apartments, which are owned by the Second Ponce de Leon Baptist Church in Atlanta, on Sunday (video below).

Beroukhim has been recovering from an operation for two weeks and told WSB-TV, "I’m in no condition to move."

Jeff Miller, a church spokesperson, told WSB-TV a few weeks ago that the apartments are in disrepair, but the church cannot afford to repair the structures. The apartments are going to be demolished.

However, Beroukhim claims he signed a one-year lease in January.

“If I knew that this is gonna happen, I would not have never moved in here,” Beroukhim stated.

He moved out Sunday, but needs housing until he has finished his cancer treatment.

Volunteers from Church Folk Revolution, an organization from out of state, helped Beroukhim move out so he wouldn't lose his belongings.

“This is part of an effort by this church to get rid of affordable housing in this area,” Tyronne Jacques, of the Church Folk Revolution," stated. “[We came] just to show this brother that Christians don't behave like this church. This is a very heartless church to do this to these people and the way that they did it.”

“They're actually showing the good side of Christianity,” Beroukhim stated.

Sources: WSB-TV (2) / Photo Credit: WSB-TV Screenshot


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