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Atheists Thank President Obama for Mention at Inauguration

CRANFORD, N.J. --- Americans throughout the nation's history have included millions of Atheists and others who could be labeled as "non-believers," in every walk of life, in military foxholes and high government offices, among the elites and among the downtrodden.

Every American politician, every elected leader should routinely acknowledge us as the good, patriotic, taxpaying, and contributing citizens we have always been. Before today that routine acknowledgement has rarely been offered.

As our own president, Dr. Ed Buckner, noted, "We should be able to take for granted that we will be considered as full and honorable citizens of this nation, but we usually have not been so recognized. In his Inaugural Address today, President Barack Obama finally did what many before him should have done, rightly citing the great diversity of Americans as part of the nation's great strength and including 'non-believers' in that mix. His mother would have been proud, and so are we. Congratulations and best wishes on your presidency, Mr. Obama. And thanks for including us all, right from the start."

"While President Obama's words were very encouraging, we are hopeful that his actions will justify our optimism," said American Atheists Communications Director David Silverman said. "We look forward to working with a president who understands that true religious freedom relies on true separation of religion and government."



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