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Atheists Respond to Pat Robertson's Christian-Only Marriages

Pat Robertson, the preacher and professional liar, gave some stereotypically bigoted and fearful advice to one of the viewers of his show.

A Christian woman named Roni emailed his show and asked what she
should do about her atheist fiance, and asked if there was a middle
ground in which they could live. The Professional Liar’s response? Dump

The reason is simple — he doesn’t want any of his sheep talking with
those of us who make sense. He fears atheists. Who knows? We might say
something like…

Dear Roni,

Of course you can marry an atheist. I’ve been married to a
theistic Jew for 18 years and we’ve never had a problem. Sure we
discuss things, and on some issues we disagree, but as long as you talk
a lot, set rules, and truly love each other as they ARE it can work

Make sure you talk about church, how you’ll raise your kids, and
how you will celebrate the holidays. Iron out ALL the details before
you marry. Make sure you love him for what he IS, not what you WISH him
to be. The reverse is also true, of course - you must both accept for a
FACT that the other person will NOT change during the marriage. Without
that level of acceptance, the marriage will fail.

But if your love is for the man as he is now, and not for a
fantasy fiance who converts to Christianity, the marriage can work.
Only you know if you have that kind of love.

Dave Silverman, American Atheists


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