Atheists Declare Victory in Utah Cross Case

An Atheist civil rights group announced today that it is applauding the United State Supreme Court’s decision to not hear the Utah cross case after the Court of Appeal for the 10th Circuit ruled against the state in the case.

American Atheists, along with several Utah plaintiffs sued to remove twelve large steel crosses erected by the State of Utah to honor fallen troopers. Edwin Kagin, the National Legal Director for American Atheists stated, “We have presented this case and won at the 10th Circuit Court of Appeal. The Supreme Court correctly declined to review the case further, therefore the decision stands. We are looking forward to the state of Utah upholding the opinion of the Court of Appeal and removing the crosses.”

Dave Silverman, President of American Atheists noted, “We have no problem with honoring fallen troopers: they should be honored. Erecting divisive religious icons that violate the very constitution the fallen troopers had sworn to uphold is not the way to honor those troopers who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the citizens of their state.”

“It is our hope,” added Mr. Silverman, “now that the appeals process is over and the courts have found the crosses unconstitutional that the State of Utah will find a more honorable and non-divisive way to honor their fallen troopers. The fallen troopers, their loved ones and the citizens they swore to protect deserve such recognition.”

Edwin Kagin, the National Legal Director for American Atheists commented on why Christians should support the decision, “The attitude that the cross is not a Christian symbol should be repugnant to all of those believers who believe it to be a sign of the son of god having died on a cross to save everyone who believed in him and that, as he conquered death, so will those who believe this story conquer death. That is what the crosses are to them.”

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