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Atheists Call for Desecration of Roadside Memorials

Rt. Reverend Council Nedd, II, National Chairman of the national advocacy group In God We Trust, publicly denounced today an anonymous atheist Internet campaign that urges activists to tear down roadside memorials to individuals killed in car accidents. The website even goes so far as to recommend specific contractor-grade power tools for cutting down crosses constructed of metal.

The controversial website may be found at

The site calls the memorials "macabre eyesores and dangerous distractions that invite rubbernecking and visitors to already hazardous roads." and "Atheists and other non-christians [sic] find them offensive, annoying and depressing. ... There is nothing stopping us from taking down these religious symbols. We don't need any new laws, we need direct action."

The website further instructs activists to purchase heavy-duty power cutting tools made by Dewalt or Makita in order to cut crosses made of rebar or metal.

"This campaign is an affront to common decency, and the cowardly individuals or groups who are behind this campaign should let the American people know who they are," says Nedd. "I dare these people to even try to take down a memorial to someone's loved one in front of me," Nedd says. "The atheist movement is becoming more and more like the eco-terrorists who advocate spiking trees and burning down housing developments that are under construction."

The website provides no way to contact or identify the individuals behind the anti-cross effort other than through a form for submitting an email. The site does however, quote Robert R. Tiernan, an attorney from the Freedom from Religion Foundation, the nation's largest atheist group, justifying the destruction of roadside memorials. The FfRF is know for promoting a radical atheist agenda that recently included protesting the U.S. Post Office's issuing of a stamp honoring Mother Theresa.


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