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Atheist TV Show Broadcasts In Church-Going Texas (Video)

A new documentary about an atheist TV show that broadcasts in Austin, Texas, has released a trailer.

"Mission Control Texas" documents the behind-the-scenes and on-camera action of "The Atheist Experience," a live call-in public access television program that is produced by the Atheist Community of Austin, notes the Friendly Atheist (video below).

According to the "Mission Control Texas" YouTube page, people call in and debate the atheist hosts on Sunday afternoon.

The hosts compare coming out as an atheist to coming out as gay, and remark how they love their parents, but despise their religion.

Also featured are local churches that claim the government is "coming against the name of Jesus," and complain that "military chaplains cannot mention the name of Jesus Christ."

While the traditional churches skew older, the atheists skew younger. There is also a megachurch with large TV screens, Christian singers and younger, diverse members.

"The Atheist Experience" blog notes that the (English speaking) film will be shown at a German film festival and on German TV.

Sources: YouTube, Friendly Atheist, The Atheist Experience
Image Credit: Mission Control Texas Screenshot


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