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Atheist Threatened Over Ten Commandments Lawsuit (Video)

The New Kensington-Arnold School District in Pennsylvania will remove a 6-foot-high Ten Commandments monument in 30 days from outside a gym at Valley Junior-Senior High School because an atheist mom complained (video below).

Marie Schaub, the atheist mom, and her daughter filed a lawsuit against the school district to remove the 60-year-old religious monument back in 2012, notes WPXI.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) joined their fight, and the school district reportedly agreed to pay $164,000 in legal fees in a settlement to the FFRF, and remove the granite monument.

"We're very glad it's over with, but honestly, it shouldn't have been fought in the first place," Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-president of the FFRF, stated.

"In order to take the high road, as they say, we compromised and agreed to remove the monument," New Kensington-Arnold School District Superintendent John Pallone told the Valley News Dispatch.

Schaub told the news station that she has received positive and negative attention: "I was trying to brace myself for this day, but I never really could prepare for it because it just comes in like a flood, all these messages, Half of it is good, I'll tell you that I'm really excited about that. But then the other half is really, really bad."

WPXI reports that some of the messages have included: "You should be dragged in the street and shot," and, "Leave the country."

Emotions over the story ran high on the Valley News Dispatch Facebook page, which stated: "Now, now, folks. Let's keep it clean and refrain from personal attacks."

The Facebook commenters were passionate on both sides:

  • Unbelievable. You keep letting these cry baby's win their arguments and that's why our nation is the laughing stock of the world.
  • Omg!! It's a school!! Not a church!! We do have catholic schools!! That is a public school. Remember that constitution thingy you right wing nuts are always bitching about. I'm pretty sure there is something in there about the separation of church and state. That's in there for a reason!! They understood there were people like the ones bitching and that they were a danger to our freedom and democracy.
  • BOOOO THAT AINT RIGHT AT ALL I wonder if someone could purchase the small plot of ground it sits on ? Therefore becoming private property. Like say maybe the rotory or the elks,or maybe a garden club?

Sources: WPXI, Valley News Dispatch/FacebookValley News Dispatch/TribLive, YouTube / Photo credit: Michael Rivera/Wikimedia Commons

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