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Atheist Organization to Distribute Informational Material to Florida Schools

The Central Florida Freethought Community (CFFC) announced plans this week to distribute atheist and agnostic materials in Orange County, Florida schools after a Christian group called 'World Changers of Florida, Inc.' distributed Bibles to these same public high schools on Jan. 16.

The attorney for the Orange County School District told News 13 that students are not “encouraged or discouraged” from picking up Bibles.

David Williamson, of the CFFC, said in the press release: “This group of Biblical Literalists has somehow convinced the School Board that our public schools should be a religious battleground of sorts. This is unacceptable to freethinkers and persons of all religious traditions, including many Christians."

"But because the school board insists on opening the schools up to Christian proselytizers, we think it’s important that students receive materials countering their religious propaganda.”

The press release adds: "Some items being considered for distribution are 'An X-Rated Book: Sex & Obscenity in the Bible (pictured above),' 'Ten Common Myths About Atheists,' as well as literature about starting student led secular organizations on campus and books by atheists Dan Barker and Madalyn Murray O’Hair among others."

The CFFC hopes to distribute the materials within two weeks, after the consent it has received from the Orange County School Board is official, reports

Williamson said the CFFC is doing the distribution in the name of “equality and making sure we have equal accommodation under the law.”

The CFFC is a chapter of the national Freedom from Religion Foundation.


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