Mom Pulls Son Out Of School After Receiving Threats Over School Bible Giveaway Decision

An atheist mom who complained about a teacher giving away Bibles to third-grade students says she had to pull her son out of school because of threats.

The controversy began when a teacher at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School in Duncan, Oklahoma, distributed Bibles to third-grade students, noted the Friendly Atheist.

The mother, identified only as "Lea," claimed her son, 9, felt peer pressure to take a Bible. Lea told a friend about the incident, who then contacted the American Humanist Association.

The American Humanist Association’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center sent a letter to the school district on April 3 about the Bible distribution. The center claimed the teacher's Bible giveaway violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

In response, the school district promised on April 10 that teachers would not be handing out religious content to students during class or while in their official capacity, noted the American Humanist Association's website.

While that sounds like a victory, Lea told AtheistAnalysis.com that she and her son have received threats, presumably from religious folks who support the Bible distribution:

"I began to fear for mine and my sons safety when I read 'run her out of town' and 'snitches end up in ditches.' I have the comments in an email, but I’d have to go through hundreds of comments to find them. I feared for my son when the parents all had their kids carry their bibles to school one day, to prove a point. Kids are mean. I couldn’t let my son face that kind of ridicule for not having a Bible."

Lea said that she has placed her home up for sale, and added, "A friend of mine is home-schooling my son with her kids."

Lea also claimed her older son and his girlfriend were attacked on social media sites because they stood up for her.

Lea says she came to the conclusion: "The town hates me, but I’ve noticed that Duncan, OK, has one of the worst persecution complexes I have ever seen. Anywhere. Something else will happen and in time they’ll move on. Let the hens cackle."

Sources: American Humanist Association, AtheistAnalysis.com, Friendly Atheist
Image Credit: Public Domain, AtheistAnalysis.com


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