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Atheism is Winning though it Shouldn’t be

I previously wrote on 10 Reasons Why Atheism Can't Win where I highlighted what seems to be the enormous challenges facing atheism in America. I’m not oblivious to the fact that Europe is mostly a secular continent having faced these challenges and won. Nor am I oblivious to the fact that more young Americans are becoming non-believers than ever before. You can see stories about this phenomenon in The Economist, with titles like Young Americans Leaving Churches in Droves, and Young Christians Desert Churches.

I basically gave 10 reasons why the Christian faith prevails in our society despite it's lack of evidence. Mine was a polemical piece, a bit of satire. It was written for Christians to see what it takes for atheists to win them over. In order for atheists to win we must overcome insurmountable challenges. I’m provoking Christians to think about what it would take to leave their faith. It was written in hopes that by doing so I took another chink out of their amour. Educational satire with a point, something in the tradition of Mark Twain.

So even though atheism is up against the overwhelming odds I described in my post, atheism is still winning. It’s winning despite the fact that atheism must overcome the challenges of faith that I highlighted, despite the brainwashing, despite the enculturation, despite the ignorance. It's shocking, isn't it? It should be. That atheism can overcome so much in the mind of believers is truly astonishing. This is a lesson that should not be lost on devout Christians, that even though atheism faces what seems to be insurmountable challenges it won in Europe and is winning today among young people.

Religion will always be around, as I argued, but hopefully in decades it will be a milquetoast lobotomized tamed one living in tiny communities like the Amish do today separate from the rest of America and harmful only to themselves.


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