Atheism, Evolution, Darwinism are Religions, Claims Christian Historian David Barton (Audio)


On his "WallBuilders Live" radio show today, debunked ChristianhistorianDavidBarton claimed that the U.S. Supreme court has defined atheism as a "religion."

Barton then added that the "religions" of Darwinism and evolution should be banned from public schools in the name of separation of church and state, noted (audio below).

He began his claim by stating: "The Supreme Court opened the door to all of this. Back in decisions like U.S. vs Seeger and others, the court, in their dislike for traditional religion, they defined religion as whatever someone believes so sincerely and so strongly that it affects the way they act."

"Now, if that's the case, by the court's definition, atheism and humanism would be religious because they affect the way people act. But if that's the case, then why don't we have the separation of church and state with them, if they're a religion?"

However, U.S. vs Seeger did not define atheism as a religion. The 1965 case was about three non-religious people who claimed exemption from the military draft on the basis of conscientious objection. Up until this time, conscientious objection had to be religion based.

The court ruled that conscientious objection could also be based on "sincere and meaningful belief which occupies in the life of its possessor a place parallel to that filled by the God of those." The court said secular beliefs were "parallel" to religious beliefs, but did not say that atheism was a religion, as Barton claims.

Barton went on to falsely claim that scientific theories such as Darwinism and evolution are also "religion."

"Darwinism and evolution is a religion. Why don't we say, 'Hey we can't teach Darwinism in school. That affects the way people behave. I demand separation of church and state. Get Darwinism out of the classroom," said Barton.

"Or why don't we say, 'Hey, I don't see any prayers going at graduation; that's atheism! I demand separation of church and state. Atheism has chaplains, they're a religion. Get atheism out of the schools."

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