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Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson Draws Critical Responses For Jabs At Christmas On Twitter

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson grabbed the attention of many Twitter users on Christmas with multiple tweets about the Christian holiday. The host of the popular show "Cosmos" poked fun at the historical accuracy and the commercialization of Christmas. One of Tyson's tweets read, "On this day long ago, a child as born who by age 30, would transform the world. Happy Birthday Isaac Newton b. Dec 25, 1642."

Many followers and users of Twitter were upset that jokes of this naturecan be made about Christianity, but cannot be made about other religions like Islam and Judaism because it is not politically correct. 

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Most of the negative responses were of a similar theme. One tweet read, "Looking fwd to witty jabs during the spiritual days of Islam, Buddhism, Judaism etc. Or is it reserved for the easiest target?"

There were also Twitter users who doubted Tyson's historical accuracy, writing that Isaac Newton's birthday is actually January 4, 1643. However, due to calendar differences and changes, the date is up for debate.

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Tyson continued his criticism of Christmas, tweeting, "Merry Christmas to all. A Pagan holiday (BC) becomes a Religious holiday (AD). Which then becomes a Shopping holiday (USA)."

Sources: NY Daily News, Yahoo / Photo Source: Yahoo


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