Arkansas Sheriff's Department Adds 'In God We Trust' To Patrol Cars


The Randolph County Sheriff’s Department in Arkansas became the latest law enforcement department to add an “In God We Trust” decal to its patrol vehicles.

Sheriff Gary Tribble told reporters the decals were donated by residents and applied to the vehicles.

“All of my personnel support it and said they were proud to have it on their patrol unit,” Tribble said. The nation’s motto, he added, holds an important and special meaning.

“The United States Treasury Department who are represented, by and for the people, choose to have ‘In God We Trust’ on our nation's currency,” he said.

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“We have chosen to believe enough that we put it on our nation's currency. I choose, like the people, to put it on our patrol units. It's our national motto and the basis or root of the country."

The inclusion of the statement on police vehicles has been an ongoing debate nationwide, with many feeling as though it excludes those with different beliefs.

In October, the Freedom From Religion Foundation protested the inclusion of such decals to the Childress Police Department in Texas with Police Chief Adrian Garcia famously telling the nonprofit advocacy group to “go fly a kite.”

Sources: KSLA, RT / Photo credit: KSLA

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