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Arkansas Lawmaker Wants Ten Commandments Display At Capitol

Arkansas state Sen. Jason Rapert (R) is sponsoring a bill that would allow a 10 Commandments monument to be built on the Capitol grounds with private funds.

SB 939 would "permit and arrange for the placement on the State Capitol grounds of a suitable monument commemorating the Ten Commandments," notes

SB 939 also says, "The placement of the monument under this section shall not be construed to mean that the State of Arkansas favors any particular religion or denomination over others."

However, the Ten Commandments are part of Judeo-Christian beliefs.

If the state gets taken to court over the monument, the bill says the state attorney general or the Liberty Legal Institute, a religious law firm, would defend it, at taxpayer expense.

Rapert insists the Ten Commandments monument would be "constitutional" per a 2005 U.S. Supreme Court decision, reports the Arkansas Times.

Sources: Arkansas Times,
Image Credit: Vmenkov


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