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Arkansas County To Place 'In God We Trust' Stickers On Police Cars After Legal Action Threat

The Stone County Sheriff's Office in Arkansas has decided to place "In God We Trust" stickers on all department vehicles, proceeding after a complaint and a legal action threat for two other state law enforcement agencies from a Wisconsin organization. 

Earlier this month, the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) sent letters to two Arkansas law enforcement agencies asking for the removal of "In God We Trust" stickers from police cars after several anonymous complaints. 

"It is inappropriate for the department to display 'In God We Trust' on government property," FFRF co-president Annie Laurie Gaylor wrote on Aug. 19 to the Cave City Police Department, according to Arkansas Online. "Statements about a god have no place on government-owned cars."

Cave City Mayor Ron Burge has not yet acted on the letter. 

"I don't see anything wrong with it," he said. "Everybody's been for it."

The nearby City of Osceola also intends on placing decals with the phrase on all city-owned vehicles, according to WMCA. 

The FFRF has sent a string of letters to sheriffs' offices and police departments countrywide over "In God We Trust" stickers on department vehicles. 

"FFRF reminds the agencies that citizens trust law enforcement officers to attend to their secular duties, not spend taxpayer time placing religious messages on patrol cars to the exclusion of the 23% of Americans who are not religious," a statement from the organization reads. 

The Stone County Sheriff's Office Facebook page said the stickers were donated by members of the First Baptist Church, and will go on all cars once they are completed, according to WMCA. 

Sources: WMCA, Arkansas Online, FFRF

Photo Credit: WMCA


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