Are Scientologists Trying to Recruit David Beckham?

In Holy Moly’s ongoing crusade to get senior members of the insane and evil cult of Scientology to follow us down the street in unmarked cars, here’s an intriguing story about their attempts to ensnare David Beckham for their celebrity collection. Mark Rathbun, ex-senior Scientologist and the man who audited Tom Cruise following his split from Nicole, has alleged the “church” spent $40,000 on some turf and goalposts in the hope it would make Goldenballs embrace Xenu. It didn’t work.

This fascinating tidbit comes at the very end of the New York Post’s recent article about Scientology’s lessening grip on Hollywood, in the light of Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film The Master actually getting made, despite its central character being based on their founder L. Ron Hubbard (who was a bad science fiction writer, racist, conman and all round nasty cunt – according to his own son).

Mark Rathbun alleges that the organsisation are so desperate for Beckham to join their club they invited him to their headquarters and built him a “soccer” pitch in case he got bored in the meetings and wanted a kick about. But he never showed up.

The best bit is where Rathbun says, “He got the willies, I guess.”

There’s long been a fear that Victoria and David would turn to the dark side, after they became the preferred coffee morning guests of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. But since graduating through the Operating Thetan Levels of Scientology requires people to read Hubbard’s dismal Dianetics books, well… bless their hearts but that was never going to happen was it?


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