Archaeologists Claim to Have Found Jesus' Tomb


Archaeologists working in Jerusalem claim that a discovery made inside a burial tomb, dating back to the time of Jesus Christ, may shed new light on the origins of Christianity.

Biblical historian James Tabor, professor and chair of religious studies at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, is working with the team, led by controversial filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici. Their exploration is for a new documentary for the Discovery Channel called 'The Resurrection Tomb Mystery,' which premieres on April 12.

Using a camera mounted on a robotic arm, the team found a 2,000-year-old engraving, which they claim depicts Jesus' resurrection, on an ossuary, a limestone burial box that contains human bones, in a first-century tomb.

Tabor said: "It's almost like a moonscape feeling of something eerie, something kind of silent- a reverent feeling really. Because these people died 2,000 years ago and now we are investigating their last memories, how they bury their dead, what they left behind, so that was there and then the excitement of, 'Well will there be something we'll find or will we find just another Jewish tomb'?"

However, Mark Goodacre, an associate professor of religious studies at Duke University, said: "When is a fish not a fish? When it has handles, matching handles. It's a vessel. It's a vase. It's a vase that looks like many of the ones that you'll find in the early Roman period."

According to The Daily Mail, the four-line inscription (written in Greek) has been translated as 'Divine Jehovah, raise up, raise up.' See second photo below.

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