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Arab-American Group Asks 'American Sniper' Star And Director To Denounce Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

A pro-Islam group says that Clint Eastwood’s new film “American Sniper” is partially responsible for a recent rise in anti-Muslim rhetoric online since the film premiered. 

Members of the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee penned a letter to director Clint Eastwood and the film’s star Bradley Cooper to express their concern that the war film has lead to an increase in threats against Muslim people.

In the letter, members of the ADC claim that the “majority of the violent threats we have seen over the past few days are result of how Arab and Muslims are depicted in American Sniper.” The organization also says they’ve collected “hundreds of violent messages targeting Arab and Muslim Americans from movie-goers” on social media since the film’s release.

“Your visibility, influence, and connection to the film would be a tremendous force in drawing attention to and lessening the serious dangers facing the respective communities,” ADC president Samer Khalaf wrote in the letter while asking both Eastwood and Cooper to speak out against hateful rhetoric.

Warner Bros studio, who released the film, publicly responded, saying via spokesman John Horner that the company “denounces any violent, anti-Muslim rhetoric, including that which has been attributed to viewers.”

“Hate and bigotry have no place in the important dialogue that this picture has generated about the veteran experience,” Horner added.

So far, neither Eastwood nor Cooper has responded to the ADC’s letter.

Breitbart recently posted a scathing article blasting the ADC for their letter, saying that the group should be denouncing jihad rather than calling upon Hollywood stars to denounce anti-Muslim rhetoric.

“Why don’t Muslim groups demand that leaders of the Muslim world, imams, Al Azhar university, et al denounce the hateful, racist, anti-semitic, misogynist, anti-kuffar language in the Qur’an that is responsible for all of these Muslim wars across the world?” Breitbart writer Pamela Geller asks.

“This it is what they do: victim jihad,” Geller also claimed in the article. “When one part of the Muslim world kills, the other half cries victimhood. Whack and whine. It is a distraction to get people to stop talking jihad and instead address their demands.”

What do you make of the ADC’s letter to Eastwood and Cooper?

Sources: Breitbart, The Washington Times, BBC / Photo Sources: BBC, Breitbart


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