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Anti-Gay Scott Lively Supports Uganda's Anti-Gay Bill

Scott Lively, one of the three radical christian extremist who visited Uganda in 2009 and bears direct responsibility to the creation of Uganda’s “Kill the Gays Bill,“ writes in Wingnut World Net Daily that he is so very pleased that Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has celebrated the 50th anniversary of independence from Britain by publicly repenting his sins and the sins of his nation. Lively also “supports the nation’s strong stance against homosexual behavior.”

The Museveni prayer is a model for all Christian leaders in the world. The leaders of the West have declined in proportion to their degree of rejection of God,” Lively said. Lively also believes Uganda will rise as a major African power as America continues to decline. He uses Britain as an example. “Britain was at its height as a world power when it honored God as the Ugandan president has just done. America’s greatness has similarly diminished as we have shifted from a Christian to a secular-humanist country. But watch now for Uganda to be blessed by God for their desire to be His,” Lively said. Lively added that Museveni is definitely drawing a contrast between Uganda and the West. “This incident is also important as a contrast to the picture being painted of Uganda by the godless left of a backwards, violent and savage culture intent on murdering homosexuals,” Lively said. “On the contrary, Museveni is calmly and confidently setting the course of his nation by the guidance of the Bible, in a way that also shows great courage and resolve,” Lively said.

Lively is being sued for crimes against humanity by Sexual Minorities of Uganda, who say that he encouraged the murders of local LGBT activists through his “missionary work” there.

If I had my way, Scott Lively would be prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity, after his public tar and feathering.


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