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Religious Right of Christianity and Islam: Both Anti-Sex Positions

The religious right in the Islamic world and the religious right in Christian conservative circles, really aren't that different. An individual named Don Haase almost was on a panel in the state of Alaska that nominates state judges.

Don Haase believes that not only extramarital affairs should be a crime, but sex between two consenting adults who aren't married, should also probably be a crime. Actually, not that long ago, it was still a crime to have sex before marriage, even if both individuals are adults.

In Indonesia, where powerful Islamic political parties reside, a lawmaker was caught viewing pornography on his computer while on the floor on their nation's parliament, while it was in session. Arifinto, who goes by one name as do many people in Indonesia, helped push through an anti-pornography law in that nation.

The law banned images, gestures or talk deemed to be pornographic. This action is all too similar to the many anti-gay politicians and ministers caught later in gay sex scandals.

Of course, there are many people in the U.S. who want the government to ban pornography, especially Internet pornography -- even though social ills such as murder, teen pregnancies etc have declined while there has been an increase in Internet pornography in the last 20 years. These are many of the same people who criticize what they call big government, but who have no problem with having a governmental war on sex.

A war on sex not just involving pornography but consensual sex among adults, gay or even non-gay individuals. They force prostitution onto the streets, because they won't allow legal and regulated brothels, though they have far less rates of sexually transmitted diseases. Religious fundamentalism all too often leads to such repression of human nature, that all pay for its consequences.


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