Anti-Semitic Advertisement Causes Uproar In France


A design agency in Paris is under fire after posting a job advertisement online specifically stating that candidates should not be Jewish.

The ad, which was removed from the web in less than an hour after its posting, was noticed by many, including SOS-Racisme, an anti-racism organization which has started legal proceedings against the agency.

NSL Studio, the name of the agency, originally stated that “it was seeking a non-Jew because of its long working hours.”

The studio also released a statement, saying, “We are a studio that doesn’t count the hours and sometimes works at times of rush, so we wanted someone who did not take into account cultural or religious concerns.”

Afterward, the agency claimed their Twitter account was hacked to change the wording in the advertisement to make it sound anti-Semitic. But the website where the ad was posted,, said, “The possibility of hacking is unthinkable” and assured those concerned that it was impossible to hack into their system.

The controversy comes at a tumultuous time for Jews in France, particularly those living in or near Paris. 

After the terrorist attacks in Paris last month in a Jewish neighborhood, which left 17 people murdered including four citizens in a Jewish deli, more and more Jews are pondering the idea of moving to Israel, where Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has publicly stated his support for Jews and welcomes any to move to his country.

Sources:, Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Daily Mail via - @LePoint


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