Anti-Planned Parenthood Pastor Stirs Controversy, Again (Video)


Pastor Greg Locke stirred controversy when he made a Facebook video attacking Planned Parenthood on Feb. 21. He made a second video (below) on April 7 to follow up.

In his first video, Locke, who pastors the Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, complained about receiving a "thank you" card from Planned Parenthood because a "hater" in Houston had made a donation in his name.

Locke said he took a "bold and biblical stand against" Planned Parenthood, which he described: "There has never been an organization in the world that has killed more innocent people, other than radical Islam, than that of Planned Parenthood."

Locke ended the first video with this advice: "Just save your stamps, Planned Parenthood, because every time you send me a thank you letter, it’s going right in the garbage where it belongs. You all can keep butchering babies. I’m going to keep speaking the truth."

The first video got more than 1 million views.

In Locke's second video, he described the fallout, and his future plans while wearing a "I'm Not Ashamed" T-shirt:

Well, little did I know that that video was going to cause so much media frenzy. It went viral very, very quickly, and what has happened since then is I have received hundreds and hundreds, did I mention hundreds, of letters like this, as well as some of the most vitriolic, hate-filled, mean-spirited things that you could ever imagine.

Hundreds of them from people all around the country, and literally around the world. People mailing me here at the church, tampons, contraceptives, you name it, sex toys, all different types of despicable things, just to prove their point. Well, I’d like to prove my point.

First of all, I’m still very much against the murder of unborn babies that you like to call abortion. And, Ms. Richards, I know that you say that you’re standing up for women’s rights, which I find to be a glaring contradiction, since you butcher nearly 500 girls every single day of the year.

However, here’s what I’d like to say. It was one simple little card that caused a viral stir, and now we literally have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hate-filled crazy mail, and hundreds of "thank you" cards from Planned Parenthood. So what are we going to do with them?

Well, first of all, we’re going to use our punch-back opportunity this month to raise even more money for Right to Life, not for Planned Parenthood. Because I don’t want my name associated with you all's foolishness and nonsense whatsoever.

But on April 27, that’s a Thursday, April the 27th, at noon, in our nation’s capitol, at your $19.7 million dollar beautiful facility, we’re going to come and guess what? I’m going to pray with folks, meet and greet folks, pray outside of your organization, outside of your building, and you know what?

I guess sending me all this mail wasn’t wasted. Because at noon on April the 27th, I’m going to be there in person to give it all back. Can’t wait to see you, Planned Parenthood.

Sources: Pastor Greg Locke/Facebook (2) / Photo credit: Pastor Greg Locke/Facebook

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