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Anti-Muslim Speaker Disinvited From Army Base (Video)

After retired Lt. Gen. William "Jerry" Boykin was disinvited from a prayer breakfast at the Fort Riley, Kansas, military base, Boykin, who has a history of anti-Muslim remarks, blamed President Barack Obama (video below).

Boykin, who'd been invited to speak at the breakfast, was allegedly uninvited following a complaint from Military Religious Freedom Foundation founder Mikey Weinstein, notes the Army Times.

Weinstein demanded that 1st ID commander Maj. Gen. Wayne Grigsby "immediately withdraw" Boykin for his past comments that included a comparison of the war on terrorism to a war on Satan, and a claim that Islam was "not just a religion, it's a totalitarian way of life" that shouldn't have legal protection per the First Amendment.

Boykin, who is the executive vice president of the Christian-based Family Research Council, made an appearance on Glenn Beck's radio show on June 7 where he blamed Obama and asserted that the First Amendment religious rights of soldiers at Fort Riley are being violated because they would not hear him speak as scheduled. reports Right Wing Watch:

What this is, Glenn, is they're robbing the soldiers at Fort Riley of their First Amendment rights in the interest of this very small group that, again, is certainly anti-Christian, I believe anti-American, and probably atheist.

They're robbing these soldiers of their First Amendment rights and this is the condition of Obama's military.

This is what you should expect. This is what your sons and daughters are living with every day in a military that is now suppressing their First Amendment rights. It's part of the environment that Obama has created here in America.

After slamming the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, Boykin went on to say how he bled for Americans' rights "to believe nothing."

Boykin said atheists cannot suppress the rights of Christians or Jews, and insisted that the soldiers at Fort Riley would be exercising their First Amendment religious rights by listening to him speak:

My talk gets canceled there, what you've done is you've robbed all of those people who wanted to come to that prayer breakfast and hear what I had to say.

You robbed them of their First Amendment rights and this is what we're seeing all over our military today and it's a result of the environment that Obama has created.

Boykin added that the military leadership Obama has moved into key positions are "people that will run from a fight at the drop of a hat." He wouldn't specifically name who in the U.S. military he was attacking. 

Boykin compared not opposing the Military Religious Freedom Foundation to not opposing the terrorist organization ISIS.

Sources: Army Times, Right Wing Watch / Photo credit: WTVR

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