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Anti-Muslim, Pro-Gun Protests Planned Across Country (Video)

Anti-Muslim protests are planned across the country on Oct. 9. and Oct. 10 in what is dubbed the “Global Rally For Humanity.” One of the protesters set up his pickup truck outside a mosque in Phoenix on Oct. 9 with an American flag and a loudspeaker (video below).

“We’ve never had this many events at once targeting mosques in this kind of national way,” Heidi Beirich, of the Southern Poverty Law Center, told the Religious News Service.

“This mix of racist groups, anti-Muslim groups and anti-government groups is basically a recipe for disaster,” Beirich added.

The protests will reportedly include some pro-open carry gun protesters and take place outside mosques and Muslims community centers in about 20 cities.

Kalia Abiade, of the Center for New Community, an anti-bigotry organization, said that largest crowds are expected in Phoenix, Ocala and Spring Hill, Florida, Arlington, Texas, and Dearborn, Michigan.

Dearborn Mayor Jack O'Reilly told the Detroit Free Press that his city has coordinated with the federal, state and county law enforcement, but added that the organizer of the local rally "doesn't seem to be extreme in any way. ... He's very reasonable."

However, Dearborn resident Majed Moughni countered: "They claim to stand up for humanity, as if Muslims are not humans."

Sources: Religion News ServiceDetroit Free Press / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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