Anti-Islam Ad Campaign To Run On New York City Buses, Subway

An anti-Islam ad campaign is coming to Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) buses in New York City thanks to political activist blogger Pamela Geller.

The American Freedom Defense Initiative, of which Geller is a co-founder, has purchased the MTA ad space at a reported cost of $100,000.

The ads are meant as an “education campaign” to warn of the “problem with jihad” and islamic sharia law, Geller said according to the New York Daily News.

Geller is known for her anti-Islamic beliefs and writes about a “global jihad conspiracy."

One of the ads features a 1940s photo of a pro-Nazi Palestinian leader talking with Adolf Hitler under the headline, “Islamic Jew-Hatred: It’s in the Quran.” The ad asks that all aid to islamic countries be stopped.

A possibly more shocking placard features American journalist James Foley before he was beheaded in Syria, handcuffed, on his knees, next to the hooded, black-clad jihadist who is about to execute him.

The image was taken from the video released by Islamic State, commonly referred to as ISIS, used as propaganda to boast about the horrific act committed.

The second photo in the same ad features the British native believed to be Foley’s murderer, before he joined ISIS. The caption reads, “Yesterday’s moderate is today’s headline.”

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There are a total of six ads set to appear on a hundred New York City buses and at two subway entrances beginning next week, reports SFGate.

The MTA has tried to stop Geller from posting ads, but a judge’s ruling said that to do so would violate her First Amendment rights.

“If you read the court decision on this, our hands are tied,” said MTA spokesman Adam Lisberg.

The ads will feature a disclaimer at the bottom that reads “viewpoints are not endorsed by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.”

Photo Source: New York Daily News


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