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Anti-Gay Scout Group Compared to Christ's Resurrection by Founder John Stemberger (Audio)

Christian anti-gay activist John Stemberger was one of the loudest voices during the debate on whether or not the Boy Scouts of America should allow openly-gay members.

Weeks after the Boy Scouts voted to allow homosexuals to be scouts, earlier this year, Stemberger announced the formation of a new scouting organization that will not allow openly-gay scouts.

Stemberger appeared on the "Wallbuilders Live" radio show today (audio) where he compared his new scouting organization, which will be unveiled on September 6-7, to Jesus Christ's death and resurrection, notes

"Sometimes things have to die, before there's a new birth and it comes back better than before. And, not to extend the analogy too far, but even our Lord went through that process," said Stemberger.

However, the Bible never states that Jesus Christ "came back better than before." The New Testament strongly supports Jesus being God before and after the resurrection.



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