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Anti-Gay, Pro-Christian Auto Shop Owner Holds Event, Chaos Follows (Video)

Auto shop owner Brian Klawiter made news earlier this year when he bragged about refusing to serve openly gay people at his Michigan business because of his Christian values, but welcomed gun owners.

Klawiter held a "West Michigan God & Country" forum at the Jenison Center for the Arts in Michigan on Thursday that descended into chaos at times (video below).

Jenison4Love, a pro-LGBT group, protested outside the center with signs that bore messages such as: "We are all equal" and "Love is the only answer," reported WOOD-TV.

Inside the center, pro-Christian, anti-gay activists "Coach" David Daubenmire and Bradlee Dean spoke to the crowd, which included pro-gay protesters, noted

At one point, a protester and Klawiter supporter were removed from the premises by Ottawa County Sheriff's deputies, but no one was charged.

When some protesters said people were born gay, Dean yelled back, "Did you hear about the guy who likes to steal ... kill? He was born this way. Sin is moral ... not physical," noted

Dean reportedly told the protesters to "shut their pie holes" and called them "McDonaldland kiddies."

Sources:, WOOD-TV
Image Credit: WOOD-TV


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