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Pastor Thinks That Starbucks Flavor Their Lattes With 'Gay Semen'

Notorious anti-gay minister James David Manning still believes that Starbucks mixes “gay semen” into their lattes to give the drinks an extra flavor boost.

“I think Starbucks has recognized that to flavor up their lattes that they are using semen to make that latte more flavorful,” the pastor of the ATLAH World Mission Church in Harlem, New York, said in a Daily Show interview posted on LGBTQ Nation.

“What empirical evidence do I have?” he asked himself, after the interviewer prompted him. “I think if you’re asking for that, you may not be able to find my explanation suitable to meet the empirical standards… but let’s just say I know.”

He did not elaborate further.

Manning believes that semen is such a popular flavor that the masses have become addicted to it.

“You’ve got literally millions of people around the world that really think that the taste of semen is quite a flavor, and they seek it in the midst of other kinds of activities,” he said elsewhere, before adding that he doesn’t personally enjoy the taste of semen, according to QUEERTY.

He has previously admitted that he has been tempted by what he calls the “gay lifestyle,” although he resisted and came out on top.

After he started publicizing his unique opinions, the numbers of his congregation did not dwindle, he said.

His convictions about gay semen lattes are just the tip of the iceberg. He has publicly expressed many other unusual views about a wide array of subjects, including President Barack Obama.

In Daily Show interview six years ago, Manning called President Obama “the next Hitler.”

He has since amended that. “I’m leaning more towards Obama being more like the son of Satan,” he clarified recently, calling the president “ultra-evil.”

“It takes a certain amount of evil spirit and demented, if you will, personality to do what he has done,” the pastor added.

What has Obama done that is so evil, exactly? It is a little unclear, but Manning did say that the president “released the homo demons on the black man,” according to QUEERTY.

“What’s going on in that head of yours?” the Daily Show correspondent asked.

“Just pure, unadulterated, unmitigated truth,” Manning said.

Sources: LGBTQ Nation, QUEERTY
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, modified from Cristiano Betta/Flickr


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