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Anti-Gay Megachurch Pastor Defends Duggars (Video)

Jessa Seawald and Jill Dillard, two of Josh Duggar's sisters and purported victims, gave an interview to Fox News host Megyn Kelly last Friday night in which they denied that Josh was a molester and claimed that his inappropriate touching was "mild."

After the interview aired last Friday, Pastor Robert Jeffress, of the First Baptist Church Dallas, Texas, defended the Duggar family on the Fox News show "Hannity" (video below).

Jeffress, who has a long history of anti-gaystatements, became upset when Dr. Keith Ablow questioned the Duggars' actions, noted

Ablow stated:

Sean, the whole scenario doesn't doesn't wash with me. I don’t know of any four people who can be sleeping and touched inappropriately, or five if you include the babysitter, and not know it. What kind of story is this? It doesn’t make even sense.

Jeffress insisted that the Duggars, who have worshipped in his church, are a "wonderful family" and that they could be healed by the "Gospel message that this family embraces."

Jeffress added that Josh hasn't been accused of any crimes in the past 12 years and has his own family now.

Ablow countered in part:

This is a great family? This is a family who turned their family into a sideshow, who invited cameras into their lives in a way that exploited their children and made money from them. Where is the wonderful family that the pastor is describing?

Jeffress fired back, "They love their girls more than any of us on this panel do and certainly more than the left do and I'm tired of the hypocrisy on the left--"

However, Ablow cut in, "This isn't a political issue. I'm a conservative."

Jeffress insisted the Duggars have the right to put their kids on TV and have 19 children.

"If you're gonna have 19 children, you should supervise them well," Ablow asserted.

Ablow also questioned why the Duggar parents didn't allow their adult children to hold hands with their future spouses until they were engaged.

"That's bizarre! Can't we just call it what it is? It's bizarre, controlling, manipulative, bizarre," Ablow stated.

Jeffress repeatedly claimed that it was none of Ablow's business.

Alexander Hitchen, general news editor at In Touch Weekly, recently told MSNBC that the celebrity gossip magazine/website broke the story by looking up Internet rumors, flying people to Springdale, Arkansas, to interview sources and by hiring a local law firm to make a Freedom of Information request to the Springdale Police Department.

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Image Credit: Fox News Screenshot


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