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Anti-Gay Marriage Salt & Light Council Accused of Ripping Off Pro-Gay White Bow Symbol

The Salt & Light Council, an anti-gay marriage group, has been accused of ripping of the white bow symbol that pro-gay marriage activists have been using for years.

The "God's Marriage Bow" campaign is encouraging Christians to wear a white bow until the U.S. Supreme Court rules on gay marriage in June, reports

"The white color stands in contrast to the rainbow colors that advocate same-sex marriage," Dran Reese, President of the Salt & Light Council, said in a statement. "Rainbows are meant to show God's redemption, but this image has been co-opted by a movement that is antithetical to Biblical values. We're going to take back the rainbow by redeeming it with the white marriage bow."

"The bow is symbolic, as in 'tying the knot,' a historical inference to the one-man, one-woman union, or tying a bow on a present as a reminder that this unique relationship is a gift from God."

The pro-gay marriage organization, which has been using a white bow symbol for years, says on their website: "Gay, straight, or make full equality a reality by wearing a White Knot and telling people why you are wearing it. Wear it to work, to school, to your place of worship. Wear it every day to raise awareness and start conversations."

WhiteKnot,org told that they are planning to send a "cease and desist'" letter to the Salt & Light Council.



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