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Anti-Gay Christians Are Like Martin Luther King Jr., Claims Liberty Counsel (Video)

Matt Barber of the Liberty Counsel appeared on the American Family Association's "Today's Issues" broadcast today where he compared anti-gay Christians to "civil rights activists of old" such as Martin Luther King Jr.

Barber claimed that a Christian-owned bakery in Oregon is being persecuted because it discriminated against a gay couple by refusing to provide them a wedding cake (video below), noted

"Gay marriage, as it's called, and free exercise of religion cannot coexist in harmony," Barber said. "In much the same fashion as the civil rights activists of old, Martin Luther King and others, Christians are going to have make a decision. It may be a time for civil disobedience."

However, Martin Luther King Jr. never advocated discriminating against gay people, and neither did any other civil rights icons from the 1960s.

"Christians have been persecuted for 2000 years by radical leftists," Barber said. "They used to just throw us to the lions. Now, what they do is try to force us to their way of thinking, to rehabilitate us to their way of thinking, under penalty of law."

While the Roman Empire did throw Christians to the lions, the Romans were far from "radical leftists" as they opposed human rights that progressives and liberals support today.

"Well, Martin Luther King spent a little time in the Birmingham jail and Christians across America are just going to have to trust in God, be bold and He will bless that faithfulness when we say, 'We're not going to pretend that somehow a man can marry a man, a woman can marry a woman," Barber concluded.



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