Anti-Gay Christian Activist Brothers Compare Themselves to ISIS Victims (Video)


David and Jason Benham, Christian brothers and activists, spoke at the Values Voter Summit this past week in Washington, D.C. where they appeared to compare themselves to people who had been beheaded by the terrorist group ISIS.

The Benham brothers lost their HGTV reality show (before it aired) after their anti-gay comments surfaced in May. HGTV never made any mention of canceling the Benham's house-flipping show, "Flipping it Forward," because of their religion, which the Benham brothers have insisted for months was the real reason for the cancellation.

Jason Benham began their speech by comparing himself and his brother to Jesus Christ (video below).

"It is a fun thing to follow Jesus until you find out where He's going, because He's going to a cross and He's asking you to come follow Him, and we got that experience in real life," stated Jason, noted The Christian Post.

Later in their speech, David added that Christian Americans are under attack just as people in the Middle East are victimized by "the sword," which is how ISIS has beheaded several victims, reports

“What we realize now is that there is a radical agenda that has come in out nation,” claimed David. “The weapon of choice for the agenda in the Middle East is the sword, but the weapon of choice for the agenda in America is silence, they demand silence."

"It's one thing to believe in Jesus, it's another to be vocal about Jesus and His standards and His word. We weren't pushing our religion and our beliefs on anyone else, but we were living them out loud just as Christ did, and it led Him to a cross and got Him crucified," added David.

(Full Speech)

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