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Anti-Discrimination Proposal Will Help Child Molesters, Claim Christian Activists

Charlotte, North Carolina, is considering an ordinance that would add marital status, familial status, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression to existing city non-discrimination ordinances.

The SOGI (Sexual Orientation Gender Identity) ordinance comes up for a vote at the Charlotte City Council meeting on March 2, but some well-known Christian activists are rallying against it because they believe it will allow child predators access to kids in bathrooms.

Rev. Franklin Graham posted on his Facebook page,

"I cannot see why City Council would even consider this. It is not only ridiculous, it’s unsafe. Common sense tells us that this would open the door, literally, to all sorts of serious concerns including giving sexual predators access to children. It violates every sense of privacy and decency for people of both sexes, adults and children."

The Christian-based North Carolina Values Coalition claims on its website that the proposed ordinance "will also threaten the safety of women and children in Charlotte’s public restrooms because it will require public restrooms to be open to use by persons of any sex. This means that any man claiming to identify as a woman would be allowed to use a public women’s restroom!"

“People are afraid that this ordinance will enable predators to access restrooms and that’s never been proven, it's never happened anywhere," Scott Bishop, chairman of the Charlotte LGBT political action committee, told WFAE 90.7. "These ordinances, like this, have been in place, you know, 17 states. Over 200 municipalities around the country have had these ordinances for years and there’s never been one documented incidence of this kind of thing happening.”

Sources: WFAE 90.7, Facebook, North Carolina Values Coalition
Image Credit: Leszek Janczuk


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