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Anti-Muslim Protester Befriends Islam Supporters (Video)

A woman who was the sole protester at an anti-Muslim rally in Michigan later befriended supporters of the mosque (video below).

The woman brought placards and signs to the mosque in Dearborn, Michigan, to rally against "violent Islam" on Oct. 10. Her efforts garnered little attention from passersby, but supporters of the mosque engaged her in conversations.

The demonstrator was initially hostile toward the Muslims and their supporters and reportedly told one supporter of the mosque that her friends were supposed to have joined her at the rally, to which he replied, "We can be friends."

She responded by saying, "If you're Muslim I can’t be friends with you then."

To the demonstrator's surprise, Muslim women wearing headscarves approached. After a heated discussion about her misconceptions of Islam, they all hugged.

At first she had said she did not believe there were peaceful Muslims and wanted beheadings from terrorist groups like Islamic State group to stop.

"I pray for my Muslim bothers and sisters. I just want the murder to stop," she said.

A Muslim woman replied saying, "None of us want murder. No true Muslim wants murder. Just like no Christian wants genocide."

After a long conversation, the woman and the others came to an agreement that they both protest murder and support freedom no matter which religion they believe in.

She walked into the mosque with her new friends, who had won her over with their kindness, and joined them for an interfaith group discussion and breakfast.

Daily Mail reports one supporter at the scene recalled: "Super funny look on the cops' faces when they saw us walking her in. It was a sorta beautiful thing. One of those 'maybe there is still sorta hope for humanity' kind of days."

Noor Islamic Cultural Center posted images and video to its Facebook page.

The demonstration in Michigan was one of many anti-Muslim protests planned by Global Rally for Humanity in at least 20 cities in the U.S. Protesters were encouraged to bring legal firearms to the Michigan rally for an 'open carry, anti-mosque, pro-America rally,' reports Newsweek.

According to a 2011 Pew poll, 6 percent of Muslims said they had been threatened or attacked. The Washington Post reports violence against Muslims is five times higher than pre-9/11 levels.

Sources: Daily Mail, Pew Research Center, The Washington Post, Newsweek / Photo credit: Noor Islamic Center/Facebook


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