Another Department Adds 'In God We Trust' To Cars


The inclusion of "In God We Trust" on police cars in Sylacauga, Alabama, caused controversy from those who say the phrase doesn't belong. 

The phrase was recently added to 16 vehicles after a private citizen donated decals and a local business installed them, according to WIAT.

"One of our local business owners stepped up and said if we’d put it on our cars, he would be glad to fund the entire thing," Lt. Willis Whatley said. 

Though the added phrase has garnered support from many in the local community, some have voiced opposition.

"Most of them are out-of-state people or groups that don’t support it, but everything we’ve received locally has been nothing but positive news," Whatley said. "All the calls I’ve received personally have been definitely positive and proud of us for doing it."

The inclusion of the statement has caused controversy in the past, with a Texas law enforcement division garnering backlash for adding the phrase to vehicles, reported Breitbart. It was ultimately ruled acceptable for the phrase to remain.

Sources: WIAT, Breitbart / Photo credit: News-Leader

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