Angry Pastor Slams 'Jesus is a Muslim' Billboard (Video)


Tempers are flaring in Columbus, Ohio over some recently erected billboards that say, "Jesus is a Muslim."

The billboards were put up by the group Ask a Muslim.

According to Islamic teaching, Jesus is one of many prophets. Islam considers all the prophets to be Muslim and Mohammed to be the most recent prophet, which gives his teachings final authority.

Last Saturday, several local Christian churches protested the billboards, reports The Columbus Dispatch.

One of those protests was led by "Coach" Dave Daubenmire, who posted some video (below) from the rally, noted

Joining Daubenmire was Pastor Rusty Thomas who proclaimed that the U.S. "is the Lord's house."

"No man has the authority to change that house," yelled Pastor Thomas. "Let alone change the Lord himself!"

"...He has defined himself in the sixty-six books of the Bible and he warns do not add, do not subtract from my book, otherwise you are a part of the den of thieves!" added Pastor Thomas.

Pastor Thomas pointed at the Islam billboard and stated, "If this billboard were in a court of law, it would be called perjury! In the court of public opinion, it is slander! This is defamation of character. In religious circles, it is heresy and spiritually, it is blasphemy!"

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