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Judge Won't Block Sale and Demolition of Church

This is a big loss for Atheists?

Should we continue to fight to keep these vacant churches just the way they are?

A judge on Thursday refused to grant a temporary injunction against the proposed sale and demolition of Union Avenue United Methodist Church in Memphis Tennessee, paving the way for the site to become home to a new CVS pharmacy. Local preservationists, led by Memphis Heritage, had fought the proposed $2.3 million sale of the structure.

The church has been vacant since June, after its remaining 40 active members officially merged with St. Luke's United Methodist Church who will see the 2.3 million benefit.

Birgitte French, associate pastor at St. Luke's and former pastor at Union Avenue, said the ruling would allow the church to expand its outreach.

"We want to keep providing ministries that benefit the community," French said. "This will enable us to expand on those."

I for one do not seek to destroy Christianity, but allow it to die off on its own.

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