Atheists Demand Apology from Alabama Gov Bentley

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An open letter to Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley:

Dear Governor Bentley,

As you may know, there are 300,000 nonreligious people in the great state of Alabama – six times as many as there are Jews. As a result, we are confused by your apology to Jewish leaders, claiming to be everyone’s Governor, while you completely ignored this much larger segment of your constituency.

Intolerance toward atheists runs deep in some areas of our government, so your response to smaller minorities as you ignore the larger bloc is very troublesome. Many atheists doubt the sincerity of your apology.

I write today to offer you an opportunity to right yourself with the nonreligious population of Alabama by issuing a statement to be read at our upcoming Regional Convention on January 30. I will personally read the statement to the attendees, who will include many leaders from organized atheism around the state.

I further offer to meet with you to discuss the issue face-to-face on Monday the 31st, which will give you the opportunity to quell opposition as we learn about each other’s concerns.

We both know politics is serious business, and we also know that people hold grudges, especially when they have ethical concerns about their leadership. As a Republican, I ask you to work with me to avoid any undue criticism against you and our party.

I look forward to your response.


David Silverman
American Atheists, Inc


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