Amish Feud: Cutting Off Hair and Beards in Attacks

A renegade group of Amish families, shunned by their community in Ohio, have been attacking Amish men and cutting off their hair and beards -- the ultimate humiliation among the Amish.

The Associated Press reports that about half a dozen attacks have occurred over the past three weeks in several Ohio counties that makes up the largest Amish community in the country.

The attackers apparently come from 18 families who were disavowed amid an apparent disagreement over spiritual beliefs.

It is Amish tradition for men to stop cutting their beards after getting married, so chopping off their hair and beards in the attacks is seen as degrading and insulting, according to Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla.

No charges have been filed, in part because of the Amish reluctance to turn to law enforcement to settle such disputes.


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