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Amish Drag Racing -- With Horse and Buggy

You're sitting at a red light. Another car rolls up next to you. You make eye contact. The light turns green. You both take off. Men just have to drag race, and it doesn't matter if they're Amish, and it doesn't matter if their vehicles are horses and buggies.

According to a report on Fox 8 in Cleveland, two buggies were racing to church, of all places, in Ashland, Ohio on Sunday when one of the buggies made a move to pass the other buggy. Sgt. Robert Fullmer of the Highway Patrol said the buggy crossed the yellow line and clipped an oncoming car.

The buggy driver, Jacob Raber suffered a few cuts and scratches. His three passengers were not injured. No one in the car was injured.

Fullmer said Raber was charged with "driving left of center."


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