Americans Need Guns to Protect Against Islamist Terrorists

WASHINGTON -- "Law-abiding Americans must have the opportunity to get the guns they need to protect their lives from maniacal Islamist terrorists," John Snyder, named the senior rights activist in Washington by Shotgun News, said here today. "Recent news reports make this clear to anyone not blinded by political correctness," he noted in a video...

Reports indicate an Al Qaeda-affiliated magazine urges Islamists in the United States to attack and kill Americans in public gathering places.

Inspire, an Internet magazine, calls on Islamists to shoot customers in Washington restaurants, to murder federal workers and other Americans. The New York Daily News and The Washington Times reported this.

"People who work in our Nation's Capital or anywhere else need guns to stop terrorists in their tracks, to prevent the killing and massacre of innocent people," Snyder said.

For years, Washington, D.C. prohibited handgun acquisition by private citizens. That was declared an unconstitutional violation of the individual Second Amendment civil right to keep and bear arms by the United States Supreme Court two years ago in its landmark District of Columbia vs. Heller decision.

"Since then, however," Snyder noted, "politicians, augmented by elite establishment journalists, merchants, educators and clergymen, have been dragging their feet in implementing the spirit of Heller. With a new anti-gun law in place, citizens still find it almost impossible legally to obtain and use the handguns they need to protect themselves from the Islamist threat to life, freedom, democracy, and religion.

"It's time for anti-gun laws in the District of Columbia and throughout the United States to go by the boards so that Americans can get, carry and use firearms to protect themselves and others from Islamist fanatics and other violent criminals."

Snyder warned, "Those who work against this freedom in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere should beware. If it so happens that people are murdered because politically correct elitists spoke and worked successfully to prevent citizens from getting, carrying and using self-defense guns, the blood of the innocent will be on their hands.

"Our Lord Jesus Christ tells us that, 'A man without a sword must sell his cloak and buy one,' according to Luke (22:36). It's time to take all of His words to heart."


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