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American Family Association Warns of Gay NFL Players in Locker Room (Video)

Last week, on his 'Focal Point' radio show, American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer said that the NFL shouldn’t sign any gay players because they would cause a “grenade-like explosion” in a locker room (video below).

Fischer was reacting to the speculation about former Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o‘s sexuality, reports

Fischer also claimed that the repeal of 'Don’t Ask Don’t Tell' is damaging the U.S. military, but failed to provide any proof.

“They’ve got to be concerned about the same thing the military does. They got to be concerned about morale," Fischer said. "They’ve got to be concerned about unit cohesion, they’ve got to be concerned about readiness. Are these guys ready to take the field, and they’ve got to be concerned about retention! They know that other players are going to stay away from that team in droves. They won’t be able to complete a roster!"



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