American Family Association Wants to Censor 'Sexting' Statue in Kansas


The American Family Association of Kansas and Missouri is a Christian-based organization led by Phillip and Cathy Cosby, who have worked for years to try to remove a statue owned by the city of Overland Park, Kan.

The Cosbys' efforts have cost Overland Park about $35,000 in legal fees and probably more in the future, notes theKansas City Star.

The statue is entitled “Accept or Reject” and stands in the Overland Park Arboretum. It was given to Overland Park in 2011 by a Chinese artist.

"It is a nine-foot-tall bronze statue of a totally nude woman. Her arm is extended, and she's taking a picture of herself, in essence sexting herself," Philip Cosby told, which is owned by the American Family Association.

Cosby claims the statue (both pictured) violates Kansas’ anti-obscenity statute and should be removed from the Overland Park Arboretum.

Last year, Cosby used a 1887 Kansas law to create “citizen grand jury,” which is done via petition. The citizen grand jury then judges if a crime has been committed, not a prosecutor or a normal grand jury. However, the citizen grand jury turned down Cosby's claim.

Unswayed, Cosby is trying again to get enough signatures on a petition to bring the "child pornograhy" statue before a new citizen grand jury.

On the petition page of his website, Cosby writes:

It’s troubling that a city agency persists in placing, in the path of children, the depiction of “art” – that if they mimicked it, would essentially be children manufacturing child pornography.

Cosby also points to an audio recording (below) that he made of a boy yelling, "Whoa!" when he supposedly saw the statue. No word if the child has been hospitalized for trauma.

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