American Family Association Tries to Remove Semi-Nude Statue, Jail City Officials

The Overland Park Arboretum & Botanical Gardens in Overland Park, Kansas installed several life-size bronze sculptures in November of last year. The sculptures were a gift from a Chinese artist.

One statue is a disjointed body of a young, bare-breasted woman, with one arm extended to take a photo of herself, reports KMBZ-TV.

The conservative Christian American Family Association wants to get rid of the statue and possibly jail city officials.

Phillip Cosby, regional head of the American Family Association, delivered 4700 signatures to the county clerks office this week. If enough signatures are verified, a grand jury would be convened in 60 days to decide if the statue stays or goes, and if charges would be filed against city council members.

Cosby told KMBZ-TV: "These are 12 city council members, probably decent people, who got carried away with a Chinese gift and international goodwill. I think a grand jury indictment would probably be a wake up call."

"There's more in the message here with the presence of the camera, the obvious come hither posture and the aroused breasts and all the sexual components. The statue is sending a message to children."

The American Family Association often rails against big government's intrusion into the lives of American citizens.


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