American Family Association Promotes Fake Obama 'Foreign Student I.D.'

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Buster Wilson, the general manager of the American Family Association’s radio network, is pushing and tweeting a photo claiming to be Barack Obama’s student ID card from Columbia University, listing Obama as a “foreign student."

Wilson wrote: "I received this from someone this weekend. It’s interesting. Good questions. Read it and maybe you’ll want to pass it along as well. I am passing this on as received (NOTE: Notice that on “Barry’s” Columbia University Student Card it lists him as a “FOREIGN STUDENT”!)."

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However, as the myth-busting website reports: “The ID card pictured above is not a real Columbia University student ID issued to Barack Obama (under any name), nor does it reflect the appearance of student ID cards used by that institution during the time Barack Obama was a student there from 1981-83.” says “image is merely an altered version of a Columbia University ID card issued to another student in 1998” below, with the same card number:


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