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American Family Association: Jason Collins Would be 'Eyeballing' Teammates in Shower (Video)

During his "Focus Point" radio show today, American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer said that no NBA team should sign free agent player Jason Collins, who announced he was gay today, because he would be eyeballing other players in the shower, noted (video below).

Fischer is not the only one attacking Collins, ESPN's Eric Broussard announced today that Collins "was not a Christian." However, Collins did not claim to be a Christian in his coming-out op-ed in Sports Illustrated.

Fischer said: "I will guarantee that the ownership that is thinking about bringing him back or thinking about trading for him and they go to the players on that team and they say, 'How do you feel about an out active homosexual being in the same locker room, sharing the same shower facilities with you?'"

"They'd say, 'No way. I don't want that. I do not want some guy, a teammate, eyeballing me in the shower and my wife does not want that.'"

Sources: and Sports Illustrated


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